Why Crickets?

Here's how these bugs are the key to a future full of sustainable protein.

The Environment

Protein, historically, has been pretty bad for the environment.

On the one hand, you have meat. Beef and pork contribute substantially to greenhouse gases. Plus, have you ever seen the amount of water and land that cows take up?

On the other hand, you have dairy proteins (like whey and casein). Guess who is responsible for making those.

Yup, cows.

Crickets don't have either of these problems. They require remarkably little water. Like a cactus.

They can be stacked vertically. So they take up very little land.

They also don't really create greenhouse gases.

Your Body

I know what you're thinking.

"What about plant protein? I mean, sure it's gross, but isn't it good for the planet?"

You're right. It is gross.

You're also right that plants are significantly more sustainable than traditional protein.

But compared to plant proteins, crickets are way better for you.

Here are just a handful of reasons why:

1. Crickets contain significantly more iron, potassium, calicum, and zinc than any plant protein.

2. Crickets contain more of the essential amino acids than plants.

3. Crickets don't cause the same bloating effects as plants.

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