"I've always just looked at 100 miles as life in a day. You have all the trials and tribulations of a life in one day." - Ann Trason, Legendary Trail Runner

Trail running is fun, exhilarating, and a great way to stay in shape. The benefits are numerous, be it the physical benefits or the mental workout you get from knowing your surroundings. Trail running provides excellent aerobic exercise without being difficult on the body.

This popular sport requires a great deal of knowledge about one's surroundings, as it is essential to run on a multitude of possible terrains.

Trail running is a fantastic way to combine the best parts of road and hiking. It also requires some endurance training which can be built up with relative ease over time!

The tracks may vary, but the only equipment you really need is a pair of trail running shoes. They're pretty similar to road running shoes, but they offer a little more grip and stability for the trails you need them to traverse.

So if you're sick of the monotony of road running, or you're just looking for a new, exciting challenge, consider giving trail running a shot! It might be the new activity you might be looking for.