"There will be many challenges of course, and it will take some time and efforts and probably a few disappointments before you become a competent kitesurfer, but it will be worth it for the rare experience..." - Ian Curre, 'Kite Surfing: The Complete Guide,' 2002

When it comes to water sports, kiteboarding takes the reins as one of the most exhilarating of them all. The sport goes by many names, including kite surfing, power kiting, hydrofoil boarding, and strapless boardsailing.

As a fast-growing water sport, kiteboarding has evolved in its first three decades of existence. Now, it's an all-encompassing outdoor activity. You can kitesurf on land as well!

Over time, the sport was divided into several types of riding - wave riding, freestyle, slalom/course, speed, big air, wake park riding, kite buggying, and kite landboarding.

From its simple beginning on the Atlantic coast of France, kiteboarding has branched out to every continent. Every year, competitions and regattas attract more and more kiteboarders to the sport while veteran athletes enjoy new tricks.

People who try out kiteboarding for the first time tend to be intimidated by the sport due to its famous high learning curve. But once they get hold of it, they are hooked for life!