2-Flavor Mixed Crawl Bars

Pick your 2 favorite flavors, in one box.

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Are you ready to eat bugs?

The Blueberry Almond Crawl Bar is the most delicious, nutritious way to dip your feet into entomophagy.

Entomophagy is the practice of eating bugs. It's an interesting thing to be a part of. It's a good story to tell.

But there's one problem with it. Bugs are kind of gross.

Or at least they used to be!

Crawl Bars are made with ground-up crickets in a recipe that took us over a year to perfect. If we didn't tell you that they had crickets, you'd have no way to know.

So what are you waiting for? Order a box and see for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

Or "FAQs" for short

Are these really made with crickets?

Why would I want to eat a cricket?

Do you ship?

Do you sell in stores anywhere?

Are Crawl Bars gluten free?

Are Crawl Bars vegan?

Are crickets an allergen?

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