Are you thinking about taking up surfing? It's a great sport that can provide you with hours of enjoyment, not to mention a fantastic workout. But before you take the plunge (so to speak), it's important to understand the cost of surfing lessons.

Let's break down the cost of surfing lessons and what you can expect to pay. So, whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer, read on for all the information you need!

How Much Do Surfing Lessons Cost?

There is no set price when it comes to getting surfing lessons. The price can vary greatly depending on several things, such as:

  • The school’s location (i.e., it’s cheaper to learn in Florida where lessons are around $60 each than in Hawaii, where lessons can cost a whopping $170 each!)
  • The quality and experience of the instructors
  • The number and length of lessons
  • The number of people in the class

On average, however, you can expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $170 per individual lesson. Private lessons are perfect for those who are uncomfortable in large groups or those who prefer to learn under focused instruction.

If you’re looking to save some money, you can opt for a group surfing lesson instead.

Group Surfing Lessons

Most surfing schools offer group lessons to make surfing classes more affordable. It also helps students, particularly beginners, feel more comfortable and less intimidated. Many first-time surfers opt for a group surfing lesson since they get to enjoy a welcoming environment among a like-minded group.

While group surfing lessons are highly popular because of the reduced cost, take note that you won’t be able to enjoy direct attention from the instructor as much as in a private lesson. 

On average, group lessons cost anywhere from $50 to $105 per head.

Family Lessons

Also known as small group lessons, family lessons are a particular teaching format designed for a private group. This is typically held for families or friends who want to take surfing lessons together.

While a bit more expensive than group surfing lessons, this type of surfing lesson is great if you and your group are looking for a certain level of skill development.

For example, if your group has all finished beginner surfing lessons and you want to have more advanced classes, your instructor can easily adjust your lessons to provide what you need.

Since the ratio of instructor to student is smaller than in a group session, you will be able to enjoy more help from your surfing teacher while still paying less than a private lesson.  

On average, family lessons cost anywhere from $185 to $440. This cost is for the whole group instead of per head, so it can vary a little depending on how many members there are in your group.

What Kind of Gear Do You Need?

Aside from surfing lessons, you should also consider the cost of your gear. While you can borrow surfing gear from a friend to save money, it is worth purchasing your own if you plan to make a regular hobby out of surfing.

If you’re planning to learn surfing on a professional level, you should definitely purchase your own gear! No serious surfer would ever use someone else’s surfing equipment.


At the beginner level, an entry-level surfboard will cost anywhere from $400 to $1100, depending on the quality and materials of the board. While there are professional-quality beginner’s boards, they are quite pricey. You should only consider them if you intend to become a serious surfer down the line.

The size and weight of the board matter. For beginners, it is recommended to get a larger board to help you learn how to balance while surfing.

As a rule of thumb, get a board that is around three feet taller than your height. So if you’re around six feet tall, your board should be at least nine feet.

Some surf shops would recommend longboards for beginners. While these are heavier and bulkier compared to surfboards, they are more suited to beginners due to their buoyancy and ease of use in the water.


After getting your board, the next piece of gear that you need is a wetsuit. A quality wetsuit costs between $130 to $360, depending on the brand, the material, and the length of the wetsuit.

Wetsuits help protect you from extreme cold or heat from the environment, preventing hypothermia or sunburns. You should also consider getting a wetsuit if there are environmental hazards such as sharp corals or stinging jellyfish in the water.

While most surfers use a wetsuit while surfing, there are some that do not. This is certainly a personal choice, as some people do not feel comfortable with the sensation of the material against their skin.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the weight and material of a wetsuit, a thick, long-sleeved rash guard and board shorts can be a good compromise.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Aside from your own board and wetsuit, you’ll also need accessories to keep your board in top condition, such as a surfboard traction pad and surfboard wax. You’ll also need a surfboard leash to keep your board attached to you when you wipe out.

All in all, these accessories should cost no more than $50 in total.


There you have it, a rundown of the basic costs for surfing lessons and the gear you will need.

Since you will need around three to five sessions to understand the basics of surfing, you should prepare at least $600 to $700 when you take up surfing lessons.  

Afterward, it will be up to you to work on the basics and hone your skills in order to master the sport.

Just don’t forget to have fun while doing so!