Everyone knows that physical exercise is necessary for good health, but going to the gym isn’t always practical or even welcome. However, if you can combine physical activity with a fun environment, exercise doesn’t seem like much of a chore!

Skimboarding is a great way to get in a regular workout without feeling bored or pressured. A lot of people dread working out because of the repetitive motions and monotonous surroundings. 

With skimboarding, however, you’ll be more focused on enjoying yourself. You won’t notice the physical demands on your body in the same way as a regular workout.

But what makes skimboarding a good workout, and what health benefits can you enjoy?

Let’s find out!

Is Skimboarding a Good Workout?

First of all, let’s define what constitutes a “good” workout.

Obviously, a good workout raises your heart rate, gets your blood flowing, and improves your general health. Since skimboarding involves a lot of running and jumping, it checks all three boxes. 

However, there are two factors that set skimboarding apart from other types of workouts.

First, skimboarding is done outdoors, so you are already in an environment that provides better mental stimulation. Anyone who works out knows how important it is to have conducive surroundings for an enjoyable workout session. Instead of staring at gym walls, you will be enjoying the sunlight and fresh air.

Second, skimboarding is only as physically demanding as you can handle. You don’t need to follow a rigorous training program or force yourself to stick to a tedious routine. You can simply go skimboarding for as long as you want and stop once you feel tired. 

These two factors - a conducive environment and being able to go at your own pace -, combined with physical activity mean that skimboarding is not just a good workout. 

It’s a great workout!

6 Health Benefits of Skimboarding

Now that you know skimboarding is a good workout, let’s discuss the health benefits that you can enjoy with the sport. Here are six health benefits that you will receive if you go skimboarding regularly.

Burns Calories

Skimboarding requires a lot of running and jumping since you need to build up momentum to drive your board forward. On average, an individual who weighs 180 pounds can burn up to 160 calories if they skimboard for an hour.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

All that running and jumping just doesn’t burn calories. Your heart and lungs will also get a great workout! The constant movement will train your heart and lungs to keep up with the physical demand. Over time, you’ll notice that your heart rate and blood pressure will lower, and you don’t get winded as easily. 

Strengthens Core and Leg Muscles

Skimboarding engages your core and leg muscles constantly. From running to gain momentum, to jumping up on your board, to keeping steady on top of your board, you need strong core and leg muscles to stay upright. 

Improves Motor Coordination

When you go skimboarding regularly, you’ll find that your motor coordination improves significantly. Timing is critical in skimboarding to prevent injuries and complete a ride. With enough practice, you can even commit the movements to muscle memory. 

Increases Running Speed

The faster you run, the further your skimboard will go after you drop it. Luckily, regular skimboarding will result in you running faster since you’ll have better cardiovascular health and stronger leg muscles. 

Better Mental Health

After skimboarding, you might notice that you feel happy and satisfied. This is because your brain has released endorphins! Also known as “happy hormones”, endorphins give you an emotional boost. Who doesn’t like feeling happy and satisfied?


If you need a way to exercise regularly but you dread going to the gym, skimboarding might be a good workout option for you. You get all the benefits of a regular workout AND you’ll have fun!

The best part is that you don’t even need a beach to go skimboarding. You can skimboard on any grassy surface provided that the surface is flat or slightly sloping downward. Just make sure to apply board wax for a smooth ride. 

So, go out and burn those calories in the best way possible!