Athlete Application

So you want to be a Crawl athlete? We're honored. We're looking for all levels of athlete - from professionals to amateurs.

Some Info

We're excited at the prospect of having you join our family. But, you probably want some info about working with us actually looks like.

Right now, all of our efforts are focused on curating content to post on our own social media channels. Our primary concern is building our own organic audience.

We are looking for people who can produce any of the following:

Our standard contract works as follows. First, we have a chat over zoom to make sure that our values and goals are aligned. During this, we go over specifics of both of our obligations.

Next, we send you a contract covering what we went over in the meeting. Generally, here are the terms of that contract.

  1. We will send you whatever free merch you want
  2. You produce some content that we will discuss in our meeting
  3. We post that content on our social platforms

While the first contract term is almost always a straight trade of merch for content, any athlete who produces content of a sufficient quality we will then work with to create a mutually beneficial recurring relationship. This might mean reaching an agreement for paid content, more merch, or anything else that we deem appropriate.

Sound Interesting?

Just fill out the form below and we'll reach out ASAP!


First, you should let us know what kind of merch you'll be wanting. This can be changed during our meeting, but it will help us to prepare for our meeting properly.

Cool. Next up, we'd like to know what sort of content you want to produce for us! Go into as much or as little detail as you like.

Now that that's out of the way, who exactly are you?

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About Crawl

At our heart, Crawl is a food company. We provide adventurers and explorers with high-quality granola bars made from real cricket protein. We also curate high-quality, research-driven content in our blog posts. Our mission is to help our family to create a deeper, more genuine connection with the world.

We stand for sustainability, community, and quality.