You Can't Buy Them.

Not yet, anyway. Sorry about that. We're glad you like our ad! But listen -- you probably want to be the first person in line. You want to be able to gloat in 10 years that you were one of the first people to try Crawl Bars. So, why don't you give us your email, and we'll make sure you're the first one to know when we launch.

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Take a look at what you can't have.

Listen. We get it. Being told you can't have something you want is annoying. But at least you can pretend! Here are our first 3 flavors that will be coming out .... sometime.

Blueberry Almond

This one is made out of walnuts and cranberries. Just kidding.

Chocolate Peanut

Chocolate. Peanuts. Pretty classic combo.

Aztec Hot Cocoa

Sweet. Hot. A little mysterious. Reminds me of you!

About Crawl

At our heart, Crawl is a food company. We provide adventurers and explorers with high-quality granola bars made from real cricket protein. We also curate high-quality, research-driven content in our blog posts. Our mission is to help our family to create a deeper, more genuine connection with the world.

We stand for sustainability, community, and quality.